Victor Ash, also known as Ash, is a Copenhagen-based artist originally from Paris, France. Ash primarily works on canvas, lithography, and sometimes installations. He has exhibited regularly in various museums and galleries around the world since the late 1980s.

He began his artistic career in the early 1980s by painting bombs on work palisades in the Louvre and around the National Museum of Modern Art in Paris.From 1983 to 1986, Ash was called Saho then Ash2.

In 1984, Ash was the first to paint in the legendary land of Stalingrad or La Chapelle which soon became a gathering place for the Parisian hip-hop movement.

Ash was part of the Bad Boys Crew or BadBc with JayOne and Skki. The BBC with Bando, Mode2, JonOne, the alphabetic force are considered to be precursors of graffiti movement in Europe. Inspired by the letter styles of the New York Metro frescoes, most of them began by painting their names with the bomb and tagging in the subway. With a few stencils like Blek the rat and Miss.Tic they represent the first wave of street art in Europe.

Ash’s first graffs have been published in several books on the subject, such as Henry Chalfant’s Spraycan Art, and more recently in Marc Aurèle’s Writers and International Bomb It.



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