From his earliest years Katre has been interested in comics, photography and drawing. In the early 90s, he discovered graffiti and he is now passionate about this art that enables him to express himself externally and use all kinds of surgaces. He concentrates a large part of his output on the empty lost and abandonned spaces that inrigue him. He makes minimal use of colour, using red or black and try to use the background in his work.

His interest in abandonned places and those that work in them, has led him to release two books (Hors du temps 1&2″out of time”) on the subject who became reference in the field. For some time now, Katre has been producing his work in gallery where he rebuilds the world of ruins that he visits with a combination of photographs, paintings and installations. His studio works makes the perfect junction with his two passions: exploration of abandonned places and graffiti.

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