Max Zorn, was born in Amsterdam. After a youth spent in his native country, he went to study psychology in Sweden but nothing left him to foresee a future of street artist.

Little by little, the latter is interested in art and discovers this famous technique of adhesive tape via a friend, car designer. He used it to make sketches on large panels.

Max Zorn immediately appreciates his rapidity of execution and perceives the different effects of light that this simple technique can produce. The works of this young Dutch artist have the peculiarity of being created only with brown adhesive tapes, that it sticks, takes off and carves.

His works are among other things installed on lampposts or different luminous surfaces. The street lamps are its first playground. Their golden color brings a very singular touch and the light source greatly favors the play of transparency to which the artist is sensitive.

For the anecdote, the artist has climbed many streetlights which earned him some legal trouble but allowed him to be discovered.






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