Dran was born in 1980 in Toulouse, his current city.

He was thirteen years old when he expressed himself on the wall for the first time. As a graduate, he joined the Beaux-Arts in Toulouse. The artist wasn’t able to identify himself in the spirit of the Fine Arts and constantly felt out of sync, without actually rejecting the teachings he received. A free spirit, Dran felt fulfilled in street art, in the DMV crew.

His universe is unique, original, midway between gentleness and provocation, violence and humor. His plump and childish characters face the harshness and absurdity of the world which surrounds them. Dran’s eye examines and analyses the contemporary society through a critical eye. Environment, consumption, politics or religion are dissected by the artist in his creations, he goes over them with a fine-tooth comb. He uses various techniques and supports, these include illustrations, drawings, stencils, lithographs, paintings, silkscreen painting and photography. His works which are used on commercial cartons have added to his fame.


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