Born in 1967, Angel Ortiz (a.k.a. LA II) lives and works in the United States.

LA II has been a forerunner of the American graffiti scene, especially through his collaboration with Keith Haring. In the ’80s, Keith Haring noticed the work of a street artist who turned out to be a 13-year old boy. After they met, LA II (Angel Ortiz) and Keith Haring worked together for almost six years. Today, Little Angel, Keith Haring’s silent partner, wants to be recognized.

Richard Hambleton, a friend of Keith Haring, declared: « LA II has taught Keith how to fill the white spaces on the canvas, and his art has reached a new level. » Some of the works they have produced are availabe on the market. 3 Works of LA II are exhibited at the Pepperdine University and at the Weisman – Bel Air Museum. LA II has presented his works in several major museum in the United States, such as the Whitney Museum in New York. Works by LA II and Keith Haring were presented in 2013 at the Keith Haring retrospective at the Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris.


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